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ILG HVAC goes beyond designing, building and installation. We care for customer and look at the design based on customer needs and industry’s best practices. We propose the practical solution with a lot of cost savings. In past we have collaborated with other engineers on the proposed design to save millions of dollars to our customers.

ILG is one stop provider for all of your HVAC needs. We provide HVAC turnkey solutions with all associated components (e.g., structural reinforcements and linear diffusers, etc.). ILG uses our own designed curb adapters for this installation where needed. We also do the building HVAC inspection and forensic investigation for Insurance companies, Building management companies, Building owners and National franchise owners, etc.

ILG serves businesses such as Medical Buildings, Animal Shelters, Strip Plazas, Medical Labs, Operation Rooms, Industrial Automotive Buildings, Computer Server Rooms and Production Equipment facilities, etc.

We are the project people and we can serve you in most of the Ontario for your HVAC and Mechanical needs.

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