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Building HVAC Audit Services

Building HVAC Energy Audit

ILG HVAC is a full HVAC service contractor catering our assistance to commercial, institutional & industrial businesses in Ontario. We are completely licensed and insured to offer professional work at affordable pricing. ILG HVAC continues to rise above the competition by applying friendly customer service, high moral standards and superior execution rendered on consistent bases for all of our services. Our technicians have advanced training, years of priceless experience, and extraordinary skills that are enhanced with the aid of high-end products, tools, supplies, and equipment exclusively offered to licensed professionals.

HVAC System Audit Services

ILG HVAC offers commercial, industrial and institutional buildings of Ontario with HVAC System Audit Services. This service is ideal for all business owners to get a clear understanding of how much energy their HVAC system is using, and what can be done to conserve the use.

HVAC Energy Audit Scope of Work

Below are some reasons as to why you should invest in HVAC system audit service.

  • Reduce energy loss and maximize energy efficiency. HVAC systems use the most energy in most buildings. If your HVAC system is consuming too much energy, especially needlessly, the HVAC audit service can determine where and why that is and as well as the most optimal solution to fix the issues.
  • Increase indoor air and health quality. Excessive energy use isn't just about the energy waste or daily operating cost of your HVAC system but it also can influence your health. Ensuring your indoor air quality is at optimal levels can reduces ailments among staff in commercial settings. Additionally, commercial establishments can maximize productivity by making certain that the space is comfortable and staff is not distracted by too cold, too hot, or too humid conditions.
  • Evidence that your HVAC system is in need of improvements. Whether your commercial building is ran by property management, having a paper trail and a formal report produced by a respectable professional can help persuade the ones responsible for funding of your brilliant green retrofit. Having the hard data and seeing it in writing is often just what helps tips decisions.
  • Contributing factors to determine building's value. There are many aspects that determine the building's overall value; the HVAC system complexity, condition, usage, energy efficiency, and performance are all circumstantial deliberation in finding the commercial, institutional or industrial building's worth.
  • Stay in accordance with government guidelines. The government is continually evolving when it concerns regulations, whether it is on an a federal, provincial or local levels, and with more stricter policies, having a HVAC System audit service can give you the heads up for a better financial planning.

The audit is usually done in three steps. Step one is all about gathering the data and this involves both the preliminary work of gathering information from people, documents, and records and the hands-on work of inspecting the HVAC system components. In step two, we analyze the data. After gathering all of this information, our expert auditor analyzes and interprets it with the help of sophisticated computer software designed to interpret the energy usage patterns of buildings. This is done in order to understand its implications and come up with recommendations. In step 3, we develop or provide recommendations. ILG HVAC auditor comes up with specific recommendations for action based on the results of the audit. These may include suggestions for equipment change outs, upgrades or retrofits, and changes to the operating and maintenance schedules.

If your commercial, institutional & industrial businesses can benefit from Building HVAC system audit, then give us a call today to get yours scheduled!