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Inspection Services

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems Inspection

The ILG HVAC is expert in the inspection of Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems. We are committed to providing the best possible service at a price that is un-matched by the competition. We have been providing the inspection services to the Southern Ontario area for the past seven years.

To get a HVAC system installed is a huge investment but if you are either not happy or want to validate the installation, we are here to help. We are committed to our customers and their investment. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction! We provide inspection services to validate that your HVAC system conforms with the Ontario Building Code. If it does not meet the building code, we will tell you what needs to be done in order to exceed the requirements of this code.

Why ILG HVAC for Inspection?

  • Our HVAC system inspection service has been framed in a manner that it will provide maximum benefit to you as an end user.
  • The fact is that the evaluation of the intricate mechanism of the broad range of HVAC systems requires an experienced professional and we have so many of those experts.
  • Our technicians are properly certified and have necessary experience to undertake any kind of inspection for various HVAC systems that exists out there.
  • We thoroughly understand your requirements and environment prior to inspection and providing our expert guidance.

The on-site inspection of HVAC system is carried out to make sure the design is implemented as per the planned specifications. ILG HVAC professionals make use of the thorough understanding of the latest HVAC technology and their exhaustive experience to make necessary recommendations about your system.